Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is a user-oriented idea-finding process to promote creative ideas. The Design Thinking Methodology focuses on creating innovations that are oriented towards the future user and satisfy his needs and solve problems. Today, the methodology is taught and applied at renowned universities such as Stanford University and the Technical University of Munich.

The process

In our projects we work exclusively according to the Design Thinking Process. Design Thinking maximizes the satisfaction of our customers through its user orientation. We would like to give you an insight into working with us.

Understanding & Observing

The first step focuses on problem identification and analysis. In a longer conversation we identify your problems. It is important to penetrate and fully understand the user problem.


Together with our customers, creative techniques such as brainstorming generate ideas. The main aim was to work visually and to promote crazy ideas.

Prototyping & Development

To illustrate this, the first prototypes are developed with little effort and presented to the customer's target group. In iterative steps, the prototypes are developed into products. In each step, the customer is given the opportunity to evaluate the progress.


The product is finally tested and introduced to the customer's target group. Developers help the users. If necessary, previous steps are repeated.