Cloud migration for SME

We migrate your current IT infrastructure into the cloud. We have specialised in the requirements of medium-sized companies in the cloud to offer you the greatest added value.

The advantages of the cloud at a glance

Reduce Costs

Hosting a server infrastructure by yourself causes various costs: The purchase of hardware and software, the operating costs, and other, often hidden costs. The cloud offers the advantage of a centralized infrastructure. Through economies of scale, a cloud provider can offer the server you provide yourself at a lower cost.

Failure Security

Cloud providers have several security mechanisms to avoid failures of their servers. Even if it should come to a short-term failure, the cloud provider ensures through multiple data backups that your data is not lost under any circumstances.

No maintenance effort

Since you do not rent actual hardware in the cloud, but only a virtual server, you do not have to worry about maintaining hardware or software licenses on the machine. Personnel costs or costs for external service providers are eliminated.

Data protection

Contrary to public opinion, your data in the cloud is protected from unauthorized access. Modern encryption techniques ensure that you and only you can access your data.